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State Grid Anhui Feixi Station Selects Dikong Lighting System

Release time: 2018-12-11 09:47

智能开关模块,7寸多功能彩色触摸屏和光照度传感器,控制方式采用防区控制、光照度控制、监控室面板手动控制;采用本系统后,操作人员即可远程按需实现对配电站内所有灯光进行 智能 理和控制。 This project adopts our company's intelligent switch module, 7-inch multi-function color touch screen and light intensity sensor. The control method adopts zone control, light intensity control, and manual control of the monitoring room panel. After using this system, the operator can remotely implement power distribution All lights in the station are intelligently managed and controlled.  

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